As part of Starbow’s numerous social interventions, two important projects were undertaken in conjunction with other stakeholders during this last quarter as the company’s contribution to society.

Firstly, Starbow sponsored the fund raising dinner of the Medical Students’ Association of the KNUST to solicit funds for their 2016/17 project dubbed “Show care, let’s repair”.

This project is aimed at conducting surgeries for children with imperforate anus termed medically known as Anorectal malformations. Most children affected do not receive appropriate medical care due to various reasons; financial constraints, social stigma and spiritual connotations. This anomaly makes life unbearable for both the patient and his or her family because, due to their inability to pass out stools, it leads to an obstruction in their gastrointestinal tract and eventually abdominal distention with electrolyte imbalance and in the long run, death.

The second project was the sponsoring of the Grace & Love Foundation, an NGO dedicated to helping and mentoring Ghana’s underprivileged young girls to identify and reach their full potential to become the very best in society through academic sponsorship, mentorships, purity and abstinence, self- respect and others.

Starbow assisted members of this foundation to travel to Gunwagre, their adopted remote village, in the Upper East region. It is humbling to note that some of the young ladies of Gunwagre were part of this entourage and they were received with much honor from their chief, elders and people of this village since they were the first locals to “seat” and even travel in an aircraft.

The people of Gunwagre were also presented with various household items by the Grace & Love Foundation.


Starbow believes greatly in contributing to the lives of the communities within which we operate. We continue to build networks of relationships with a myriad of stakeholders within these communities and winning their hearts and minds with our warm gestures. We have had special packages with educational institutions, the art and culture sectors, civil society and other bodies. To us, Corporate Social Responsibility is not a special thing but a lifestyle we live.

Starbow is also committed to the sustainability of the environment and therefore ensures that its activities do not have an adverse impact on the environment.